Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Great Love Involves Taking Risks

When we hear the term "love conquers all" it tends to become unrealistic. I'm still wondering if the term is actually true but all in all it helps when applied well. Shakespeare once stated "Love is not love when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove, O, no! It is an ever fixed mark, that looks in tempests and never shaken." There is way too much benefit that comes along with love, and with it still carries hardships which require a lot of patience and forgiveness.

No matter how much you love someone they are bound to make mistakes. Sometimes we are left with the choice of either being patient and accepting the shortcomings or just walking away. A few of the steps listed will help when a relationship hits a rock:

It is important to remind us the things it has overcome. Sometimes just looking at the things you have overcome in a relationship makes us realize how far a relationship has come and how far the relationship can go and that giving up is not the best option.

Simply acknowledge the whole package as it is. If you cannot take him as he is and his shortcomings be sure things become tougher. They are bound to make mistakes and sometimes you may find yourself asking if he loves me then why is he doing this? It's a matter of learning to understand that the person you love is fallible despite the pedestal that love plays with them.

Learning the art of forgiveness. Forgiving is simply an art that we have to teach ourselves constantly. If you truly love someone you cannot habour a grudge against them, It is important to practice this art or just walk away.

Remembering that you love that person helps. When you love someone it's easier to forgive them. This is where the term 'love conquers all' comes in. Remembering that you love that person helps forget their mistakes and the hurt feelings they gave you.

Involve God. Love is an act of faith and choosing to involve God helps. It helps overcome the very fears which come from hurt feelings. Resolving the fear helps dispel the negative feelings.

Sometimes we also have to realize that life has no do-overs, it has to go on. This only means that we constantly have to make choices in relationships especially when they aren't going well and the same choices will affect us in one way or another. A quote master once stated knowing how to solve an issuer in not all about knowing how to do it or how to get by it is all insufficient without courage, love, compassion and empathy.

Written by Esther Gathambo  

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