Monday, July 1, 2013

Celebrating Mothers

Imagine a world where mothers did not exist. Imagine if they could not hold us in their bosoms and cuddle us to sleep. What if we couldn't learn from their strides and share in their life lessons? Certainly life would not be what it is today. In fact life would not exist at all. Mothers not only share in the sacred nature of creation. They are called to nurture, to teach, to love in the most selfless manner of all. There are mothers who sacrifice their all just for the benefit of their children. There are mothers who would rather go hungry than see the pain in their children's eyes. There are mothers who spend most of their life praying for the success and joy of their siblings. No one else in this world can boost a child's self-esteem as the mother herself. Certain mothers die for their children. Certain mothers hide their own pain, their own tears, not wanting to upset their children. There are many who stay in abusive marriages simply for the sake of the kids. A mother's love is really a reflection of how much our Heavenly Father loves us. When a mother holds you tight, tells you that everything will be okay, when a mother's eyes shine so bright with pride, then you know that you have tasted a piece of heaven. We should always be grateful for the mother's wings that provide us with ultimate protection. It is only a mother, under the skies, who loves that which she has not seen, who prophesies and lines out dreams for us even before we are born. They spend a whole nine months laying out the aspirations they have for us, creating images of how perfect we will look like, blessing us with their prayers.

I have been blessed with at least three mothers in my life. Their love runs deep, with so much certainty, with so much purpose. I still remember my birth mother, though I only shared in her presence for less than eight years of my life. I still remember how she had to break her back trying to create a future for her children. How she had to sell illicit brew to buy bread and sugar for us. She sacrificed her own happiness; put her life on the line for us. She was the strongest force I ever felt in my young life. She went through it all, loved us till at the meager age of thirty one, life slowly slipped away from her. Nevertheless, the dreams she held for us, the love and strength always lived in us forever. I also hold in my memories, my maternal grandmother. The generosity in her heart, the inspiration, the courage to take in so many of us, orphaned at a young age always leaves me in awe. She brought up so many, some not even her own. Though strength was slowly diminishing, she still loved us, prayed for us endlessly, rosary after rosary, Hail Mary after Hail Mary. You could hear the sound of her rosary at odd hours of the night, wee hours of the morn. Some of us deep asleep, not a care in the world, but she spent most of her waking hours praying for us. At any given moment I knew that in a corner of this world, there was a mother who earnestly prayed for my success.

Ever since I became a mother myself, I have come to understand that once mother brings you into this world, you should be entirely grateful. There are a myriad of challenges that mothers face. You need to hold in a special place those of them whose love surpasses those challenges, those who decide to give you a lease of life. Mothers are a gift that is invaluable. If you are blessed to have a mother who is still alive, make sure you do cherish the moments, make sure you do uphold her dignity even in old age. For there are some who long to even taste a spoonful of that motherly love, there are some who still ask God why their mothers had to die so young, there are some who on lonely nights still cry themselves to sleep after speaking to their imaginary mothers. Mothers go through a lot. A mother's love is a deep well that never runs low. Mothers give life, a lifeline, a legacy, an actual basis for most of our lives. As the mother's month comes our way again, let us remember to celebrate our mothers for what they have done in our lives. Let us give thanks and rejoice. Let us pray for their good health. Let us learn from them and cherish every single moment we share with them. Happy mother’s day to all you proud mothers.

Written by Maureen Songa

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