Monday, July 1, 2013

Moving In Together: What You Don’t Know Yet

Who doesn’t dream of it: Coming home to the love of your life, turning in bed in the middle of the night only to catch a whiff of his scent; waking up in the morning in his arms. Living in eternal bliss? Ahem, come back to reality! Moving in with a partner is, admittedly, not as glamorous as we imagine it to be. It’s exhausting. It’s exhilarating. And it’s crazy all at once.

You’ll Have to Share Space
Even the most extroverted of us requires their own space. Space to breath. And space to think. When you move in with your partner, you will have to give up the notion of ‘your space’ and come to terms with ‘our space.’ You will share a bed, a bathroom, cups, pans, phones, the fridge. Everything that you thought was yours including ‘your space’ is no longer yours. Give it up.

You’ll Get Pissed off and Laugh
Your partner will be the person who will annoy and frustrate you the most. His dirty boxers, her bubble gum stuck beneath the bed, his disturbing table manners and her annoying whining. The things that didn’t really piss you off about him before you started living together will start to irk the hell out of you. Sometimes you might fight about it and then laugh it off until the next time.

You’ll Get Really Tired
Living alone, you only had you to think about. You only had to make one cup of tea. Prepare just one omelet. Do your own little heap of laundry in 10 minutes. Two is a crowd and this means that your tasks and responsibilities will double or triple depending on the type of help you get from your partner. You will need to make two cups of tea. Black for him, white for you, two omelets- one with chili, and one with green pepper sans chili. Laundry for two will be a complete deal breaker.

Nevertheless, what you choose to do with these experiences is entirely your choice. No one ever said relationships are a walk in the park, though you might do well to take a walk together hand in hand, regularly, if only to relieve the sweet old memories when you lived independent of each other. 

Written by Donna Moses

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