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 In our past issue we spent time understanding type four hair which is described as course or kinky. This month we move into type three hair which is describes as curly. The needs of curly hair and kinky hair are similar in that there is a tendency for hair to be dry and thus brittle so a key similarity in maintenance is a regular moisturizing routine.  Let us recap on the three hair types with the diagram below.

Type 3 hair just like type 4 hair has categories A, B and C depending on the tightness of the curl.

Type 3 hair is described as having a definite 'S' patter or a cork screw pattern. Just like type 4 it has tendency to be dry as sebum from your scalp and takes longer to work up to the tips of the hair. Type 3 hair is also known to have lots of body and is easily styled. It is not course as most people believe but it is very soft and fine in texture. It has few tangling issues but the real challenge with type 3 hair is frizz as a result of humidity exposure. 

Type 3A                                                           Type 3B                                                        Type 3C

 As you move from A to C the curls get tighter. The curlier the hair the drier it tends to be.

 A big positive about type 3 hair though, is that it does not tangle much and is soft. The challenge with curly hair on the other hand is it’s the ability to be larger than life with its ability to frizz in high humidity areas. It requires loads of moisture and frizz control. The best thing about it is that with some heat and time it is easy to get it straight. Let’s look at little suggestions and tips that hopefully help you figure this curly thing out.

The main tip to master is a moisturizing routine and learning how to tame the frizz. Some rules from type 4 hair can apply to type 3.

Do not comb your hair when it’s dry.
Since the hair type is fine and tends to be dry, it’s more likely to break away when the hair has no moisture and it loses the curl definition when combed dry.
Detangle when highly moisturized.
 Type 3 can experience some tangling; it is advised to detangle or comb during a generous application of conditioner using a wide tooth comb. Always start from the tips working up to the roots.

Friction can cause frizz and tangle.
 Friction causes your hair to frizz up into a ball and undefined your curls. Just like type 4 hair a satin pillow or satin head wrap can prevent this.

Leave-in Conditioner and Anti frizz serum and gels are your friends.
Curly hair is more prone to frizz. This happens because the hair is low density allowing humidity to leech in easily, then the curls tighten and cause frizz. A good conditioning routine, less shampoo and more co washing helps. Hair type 3 benefits from a handful of leave-in conditioner, or an ant-frizz agent such as mousse or a light gel. Baby oil too tends to help this hair type fight the frizz. Formulate a moisturizing regime for your hair with either a leave in conditioner or natural oil or both. Stay away from products with sulphates and alcohol as they tend to dry the hair.

Air Dry for the most frizz free

Use correct tools.
To detangle this hair type a wide tooth comb should serve you well. You only then require a curl definition brush. To dry the hair using heat and still maintain your soft lustrous curls, Use a diffuser on the end of your blow dryer and don’t forget heat protection.
 Diffuser when blow drying.

Final curl defining brush 

The products that I would recommend are similar to type 4 hair products for shampoo and conditioning. See the previous issue for details. Know what is in your product and keep away from sulphates and alcoholic contents. For daily moisture I recommend a hair pudding, this helps to keep the natural curl pattern, as well as the fight frizz. I would also recommend a hair finisher/polisher that has silicon prior to the pudding or leave-in conditioner as this seals the hair shaft in fine type 3 strands fighting off humidity. Be careful with anti-frizz hair sprays as these can cause the hair to be sticky and clump together causing tangles. Test the spray consistency in your hand to see if it is suitable before you buy.

 All products available at some Nakumatt stores and at Super Cosmetic stores.


I hope sharing my tips has helped you fight your way through the frizz and has encouraged you to try type 3 extensions, if you require less maintenance hair that is not far from natural African hair.  I am not a hair stylist but a hair enthusiast, the best way to learn is through experience. Type 3 hair is my go to hair for beach holidays that involve a lot of swimming. I prefer it because it requires almost no detangling and no heat to create lustrous curls. One condition, hair pudding and silicon polish after air drying and hair is back to the lustrous curls as before my swim. If you are looking for protective styles and want to try type 3 extensions or wigs. You can find genuine human hair products at

Written by Nempiris Lesiit

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