Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A few ladies around town, I have noticed, seem to be in the dark about what to do with teeny tiny dresses. If you have the frame to carry off the short dress look, and pair it up with flats, the following are some pointers you can use:

  • The short dress should be an inch or more above the knee.
  • The accompanying flats should be super feminine, embellished, open toed or even fully covered.
  • For open toed sandals, high waisted skirts, or rather dresses in this case, fill out the look best.
  • The short dress also looks better flared especially for slimmer frames.
  • An important thing to note is that you should avoid at all costs wearing panty hose/tights with ballet flats and dresses, needless to say it looks a tad tacky.
  • Lastly, rough cuts like denim and leather jackets add an interesting contrast to the dresses and flats look.

Written by Freddy Njeri

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