Friday, August 23, 2013

Are You Walking on Eggshells in Your Relationship?

You know that feeling. You do not know what to say. You are not sure if your next action will trigger an outburst from your partner. You can’t speak your mind for fear of upsetting him. You pretend everything is all right even though it isn’t. It is called walking on eggshells, dear friend. 

You are walking on eggshells if….

You Have an Opinion, But Cant Air It Out

The best relationships are about speaking out your mind, sharing thoughts and ideas in a loving and mature way. If you find that, you are not able to air out your views all the time because you are afraid of upsetting him, this totally distorts the balance in your relationship. When you have no say, the other person automatically becomes domineering.

You Feel Less Than Confident

One of the reasons why you may be walking on eggshells is because your partner is overly sensitive and often angry. As such, you have no idea what to do or say to ensure that he does not fly off the hook in a fit of rage. This uncertainty and unease you feel around your partner can put a sock on your self-esteem, no matter how confident you generally are. A healthy relationship should help you maintain that sense of confidence. It should help you soar high rather than make you fall flat on the ground!

It is Sweet and Bitter, Hot and Cold

This one’s a big one; I tell you! Emotional manipulation by your partner can leave you feeling insecure, dent your self-esteem, and cause you to wallow in confusion. The sweet-bitter, hot-cold cycle goes like this- he is so sweet at one moment and in the next moment, he is unbelievably mean. He wants to hold you at one moment, but in the next moment he blows cold, he wants you gone, he won’t talk to you, he is pissed off at something, he uses hurtful words to cut you down. Then, he apologizes. And the cycle begins.

I would say that you have two solutions to end the walking on eggshells scenario: Just be your true self, be who you are and let your partner love you for that. If he cannot accept these things about you, then it is time to let go and let live.

Even though relationships take hard work to find, keep and make them work- you deserve to be truly happy with someone who doesn’t make you feel awkward and wobbly and on edge all the freakin’ time!

Written by Donna Moses

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