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This month we are going to look into the last two types of hair that are said to be the easiest to maintain and handle. Straight hair and Wavy hair.

There are four hair types or categories of Hair. Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 hair. 2, 3 and 4 have sub classes of A,B and C. Straight hair has no variation that is the reason as to why it has no subcategories. Wavy hair which in type 2 hair is said to have variations from body wave to a slight wave.

Type 1 hair is straight with no curl or wave pattern and tends to be oily and usually has a shine to it. You should use a light-weight conditioner if you find it difficult to comb your hair after washings, but be careful not to apply it directly to the scalp. Because of the abundance of natural oil, type 1 hair does not need much to keep it moisturized. 

Hair with some waves but no distinct curl defines type 2 hair. This type of hair clings to the scalp and is coarser than type 1. It is best to wash type 2 hair daily to maintain a healthy sheen and to make your waves look their best. Washing daily tends to strip the natural oils in the hair so use a good conditioner to make sure your waves are properly moisturized. In fact a good leave-in conditioner is beneficial to keep those weaves looking voluminous throughout the day.

   2A                                                       2B                                              2C

As you move from A to C the hair gets wavier and fuller. The less wavy hair tends to become greasy faster as the natural oil from the scalp easily maneuvers down the hair shaft.
These are the most popular hair types for extensions and weaves. They are said to be the most manageable hair types because they are least likely to tangle and do not require taming.
Just like all hair types, a routine to keep type 2 and type 1 hair healthy is required. They are not as involving as type 4 hair but requires more frequent care.
Let us go through a few tips and pointers to note for both straight and wavy hair.

Always detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb before wetting it and never use a small comb as this will cause breakage. Wash at least every week as hair is prone to get greasy.

When washing your hair use a warm water not a hot water because hot water can soften hair, cause breakage or stripping your hair of its natural protection and if you want to rinse it use a cold water because this makes your hair shinier (always rinse off with cold water).

If you have dry hair you will need to use a moisturizing conditioner and oily hair should go for the basic or regular conditioners and apply them only at the tips so that your hair will not be over condition.

Don’t pile your hair up in your hand as it may lead to tangling rather keep your hair hanging down and run your fingers through your scalp gently.
It’s better to run water through your hair than the bending over technic when you are washing your hair. Use a lot of water to wash out all the products on your hair that are not leave-in to avoid over processing but don’t snarl your ends.

Air dry your hair when possible, to keep the waves on your type two hair use a diffuser on your dryer. Always use a heat protector.

Friction is still not your friend
 Friction causes your hair to tangle, cover your hair in a satin wrap or use satin pillow cases to avoid this. Uncovered hair gets caught in fabric as you sleep and this causes breakage and hair fall.

Use correct tools
The wider the better as you begin to detangle prior to a wash and after a wash. The diffuser bit on your blow dryer is great to maintain waves and the paddle brush is good for daily maintenance, define the waves or give some volume to hair.


Detangle                                          Diffuser                                            Maintenance

Grease free hair

Type 1 and 2 hair is prone to oil build up. Unless you have a very dry scalp and hair.

It is always advised to use water base moisturizers and conditioner on your hair as this prevents overly greasy hair. On the other hand you want to stay away from shampoos with alcohol content as this dries up the scalp and does not allow it to naturally moisten the hair with sebum from the scalp.

My product recommended for these types of hair whether naturally growing from your scalp or extensions and wigs are the tresemme’ range newly available in Nakumatt stores.

I hope these tips can help you maintain your hair whichever way you wear it. I am not a hair specialist but a hair enthusiast, the best way to learn is through experience. For a full range of hair extension and protective style wigs, see our website

 Written by Nempiris Lesiit

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