Friday, August 23, 2013

Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever wondered why we have differences in approach when it comes to women and men in emotions such as anger, happiness etc, well am sure you have discovered this especially those who are in any kind of relationships..... 
Women are more emotional than men and many may not agree with me if I was to say that ladies are more intelligent when it comes to emotions and this goes a long way in qualifying them to work in certain careers and even handling emotional situations. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to perceive and control emotions. It involves four steps: 
1. Perceiving the emotions- involves reading emotions.
2. Reasoning with emotions- it’s all about internalizing the emotions
3. Understanding emotions- involves figuring and understanding
4. Managing the emotions-knowing how to react and respond
Men are more into problem solving than dealing with emotions. This only applies when active solutions are required. Men's brains sense feelings at the moment it occurs; they tune out of emotions and focus on ways to solve problems at hand. Ladies on the other hand tend to stay with those feelings. This is all a brain difference; men are tuned out of emotions while women are so emotional. It’s important when both parties in any kind of relationship to understand this to avoid a lot of misunderstandings.
If you are looking for a more sympathetic ear, talk to a female and for more active and instant solutions, men are the best.

The main reason I stated above that ladies are more emotional intelligent above is because a study states that they can act as a support system to friends and families, they empathize more than men, and hence they are more fit in positions of leadership, sales and teams. They are also able to handle stressful situations than men by talking out their feelings or even joining friends and families.

Writen by Esther Gathambo

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