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First Impressions are very important as they are that make it or break it moment where an individual is 'read' by what their appearance is even before you have a chance to speak. One of the prominent aspects of a first impression is what your hair looks like so it's important that you are sending the correct message especially in a situation where the other person opinion matters or directly affects you. 

1. Natural Short Hair

Natural hair whether short or long we all know requires more work to manage that processed hair. It says that you have embraced its nature and are comfortable with your own skin, especially in its untamed state. Natural hair shows that you are fearless, especially if you wear it when this trend is not in season like it is now. It can also indicate that you are low maintenance and easy going.

2.Bob cut

This cut is a simple yet very chic look. It says you are straight forward and daring by cutting your hair but you like to be up to date with trends so you keep it fresh by maintenance. The cut opens up your face for people to see you feature so you can be translated as confident and independent.
Very few men would want their woman to cut their hair so the woman who cuts her hair values her convenience and preferences more than others opinion.

3. Braiding and plaiting

Braiding is done as a protective style, to give your hair a break from all the processing. If this is your constant style, it could say you like organization and ease of things. You work on a schedule to schedule basis so you do not have the time to spare for combs and brushes. Hair could possibly have no value to you so you’re not keen to know what it involves so braiding basically gets it out of the way.

4. Dreadlocks

Locks could almost be translated the same way natural untamed/uncombed hair would. It takes the least effort to maintain and is limited to versatility in regard to styling. It does say that you like Consistency and have a carefree nature. You are simple and highly likely to be least bothered about hair. You can be misread as lazy or unkempt depending on the state of hair but I believe it simply says you are afraid of change and stay within our comfort zones. The upside of dreadlocks is that you are of a patient nature to grow them.

5. Weaves

Weaves are an investment, so this person knows the value of hair. Women who wear extensions are aware of what constraints their own hair has and are willing to invest to get the look they want. With wavy or straight weaves, You can be read as being glamorous and elegant if well done and maintained. You are open to change to achieve the look you want. It could represent that you are free of conventional expectations as you tend to draw further from your natural hair. You are confident.

The longer the weave the stronger these traits are because it is easier for people not to mistake it as your own.

Curly weaves and hair tend to give off a perception that you lack seriousness. You can be translated as a fun, playful character and somewhat care free.


Wigs show off the least of your natural hair. Such women are seen as experimental as well as perfectionists. These women are chic and assertive. They know what they want to look like and they are willing to go all the way to change and achieve it. These women are modern and value their looks.

7. Dyed Hair

Coloring hair is a huge step. If you’d not do it to cover your grey hair, it can be indicative of a Big changes in your life. It could be that you want change or you have gone through change. It is far from natural and is Adventurous and trendy.

8. Mohawk

The classic Mohawk is a very aggressive style. It’s characterized by shaved sides and a prominent and unkempt center. You are seen as unpredictable because you tend to follow trends rather than practicality. It says rebel and nonconformist as it’s associated with attention seekers.

9. Relaxed hair

Relaxed hair means you spend more time in the salon processing your hair and maintaining it. It does portray you as a more modern woman because you keep up with the trends as compared to natural hair. Relaxed hair does depict that you see things as they are but you still embrace change. You value how you look and your hair has to match you’re the trends.

10. Shaven Head

If it’s not cultural or religious, this is the ultimate show of confidence in who you are. Shaving your hair means you expose your whole self, there is no hair cover over your face or scalp. You are bare and open; you are not moved by anyone’s opinion. This is a seriously bold statement but the ladies who wear it are almost intimidating as they ooze confidence. This could be the outcome of positive change in oneself or the outcome of seeing change as an opportunity to embracing the full value of your inner beauty.

Whatever industry you are in, it’s important to make sure your hair is working for you. Of course this is not a rock solid opinion,it varies from person to person and it changes once people move out of first impressions and get to know you. Wear your hair proud but appropriately… Let your hairstyle work for you.

Written by Nempiris Lesiit.

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