Saturday, May 4, 2013

HE WANTS TO BE NUMBER ONE: Making Your Man The Priority

A few days ago, I spoke to a lady who was really struggling with her business. The tough economic times were causing her sleepless nights and since last year, she has been doing nothing but running around trying to save her company. He distress is compounded by the fact that her man doesn’t seem to care that her company is going down. He says he can provide and she doesn’t have to struggle so much. But she won’t give in. Her man seem very disconnected from her.

I just thought to myself, it could be that this lady’s husband really cares about her. His disconnection might just be his way of complaining that he does not feel like a priority in her life. He wants to show up for her, but she won’t let him. No matter how busy or crazy things are, here are few ways that you can use to always make your man the priority in your life:

Do have sex, plenty of it: I know for many women, sex is important but it is not that much of a big deal. But for guys, it is a VERY big deal. The best way to stay connected and show him that he still is and will always be the most important person is to make time for some loving. Not just once a week, do it every day if nothing is stopping you.

Do something special often- When you started dating, you certainly used to do various things to make your man feel real special. Perhaps you would bake for him, cook his favourite meal, and surprise him with a gift. Don’t stop doing these things even as your relationship becomes older. You might be busy with work and school and things but take some time to remind him of how special he was when you met him and how special he still is now.

Do keep looking fine- In a busy world, where we are trying to ‘save companies,’ set up new ones and keep up with all the stuff, it can be easy to let ourselves go. A good way to show your man that you value him and that he is number one in your life is to keep yourself looking good for him. Neglecting yourself only sends him the message, “I don’t care how you feel or what you want. Deal with it.” This is not the message you want to send him.

It is not easy keeping up in these busy times. But don’t focus too much on “saving your company” that you forget to save the love you share with your man. 

Written by Donna Moses

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