Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Recently I came across something interesting that most people can relate to. In some of our love relationships, we may crave our partner more than they crave us. Of course, this does not happen in all relationships, but it is an occurrence in others. This feeling of craving your lover more than he does is also more common for women than it is for guys.

Do you find yourself thinking about him all the time that you could fall to pieces? When the phone rings, you jump. He is the only thing you talk about in your conversations with your girlfriends. Everything seems all right in your relationship. But every time you are with him, he seems casual when you are super excited even after not seeing each other for some time. He seems cool, when you are burning up for him. You missed him so much; he missed you too but he doesn’t seem to have the spark in his eyes when he says he missed you. You feel obsessed, but he’s chilled out. He is affectionate, but the affection is not adequately intense. Wow! Why is he acting this way?

If this is the vibe in your relationship, it could be that the energy in your partnership flows from you to him. Here is what I found out:

It is all in the spark connection! You might be at a point in your fazed Love Cycle where you are simply incompatible with your partner. You may laugh together, have great sexual chemistry but still feel insecure.

The greatest part is that his acting cool when you are hot has nothing to do with you. It has nothing to do with him either. You are OK, and he is OK but you are just not adequately OK together. So what do the sparks have to do with anything? This may sound far-fetched but it could be that you are in an ill-fated Love Blocking Cycle where you do not feel that your partner is giving you what you need in terms of emotional satisfaction. But this cycle will come and go and you could be headed to a more fulfilling relationship where the energy flows from you to him and from him to you, in equal measure.

It can be tempting to just break it off. But the truth is, if your sparks are still in the Love Blocking Cycle, you will end up in a similar relationship with someone else. The new guy will still act cool, when you are blowing hot. It might be better to revise your expectations of this current relationship, enjoy what you have for now. When your Love Blocking Cycle clears, there might be a deeper connection between you and your partner or you will naturally move away from the relationship into a more fulfilling one, fateful.

Lesson? Before you transit from one relationship to the next, it might be wise to take your time, give it your best, learn the lessons and anticipate the next big thing! Fate or a more fulfilling path might work in your favour sooner than you think.
Written by Donna Mosses

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