Thursday, May 23, 2013


It’s about time us girls stopped settling. Settling because our ‘biological clocks’ say so. Settling because our friends and family ask us to. I know it is exasperating hearing the age old annoying question:  ‘Why don’t you have a boyfriend?’ or ‘Why are you still single’ or ‘No date tonight?’ Trust me I have heard all those questions and worse ones at that. But honestly how bad is it being single? It’s not like it’s a life threatening disease. You have all your mental faculties too. Stop whining. Get out there and give back to the world. If you have mad make up skills, get some dough from it. You make a mean recipe of something your mother passed down to you, get on with that griddle.  Tailor away if people love your vibrant cloth headbands.

It’s all about offering up to the world what you have. And in the midst of it all, in the thick of getting your hands dirty learning about yourself, you just might fall in love.  You may very well meet him. In fact I would rather dare say that you will no longer be single. Because happiness attracts happy people. Positivity in this case attracts positive people. And you won’t even realize that you were missing out. It will feel so natural, falling in love that is. And yes it can even be the more magical. Because you took away the desperation. You put away the insecure thoughts. You gave up the impatience.

Instead you slowly but surely grew confident, assured and full of hope. That everything happens in its own time.  You do not need to hurry anything. You have faith you will meet him. And won’t you be glad when you do, that you did not settle?  Ask me, I didn’t and I finally met him.

Written by Freddy Njeri

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