Saturday, April 13, 2013


This question has been posed one too many times usually receiving different answers. Honestly I don't even think guys know what they are looking for in a female. Amid all the speculation and back whispering there are certain points that guys actually agree on:

1. Intelligence

The new, more sophisticated brother has now got bench marks and one of them is you got to be smart to roll with them. I mean it's not too much to ask of the girl I'm dating to know the difference between a microwave and a television. Under the current economic climate every guy is looking for that girl with brains enough to score a job but not one that pays more than the guy, we still got an ego you know.

2. Honest and loyal

This one every guy agrees on, I know guys who go as far as getting jealous of their side squeeze getting dessert elsewhere. Relationships are built on trust and if you can't speak truth then you can't grow, enough said.

3. Life of her own

There is nothing as annoying as that girlfriend that can't just let you be. You going down to the pub to shoot pool with the bros and there she goes volunteering to tag along without an official invite from the board members, with the puppy eyes look saying how we don't even get to spend time together. Now you have to let her tag along or you won't hear the end of that conversation. Guys need to see you get social with some girlfriends of your own. We need to see that independent  side of you shinning bright.

4. Beauty

This speaks for itself. I mean let's be honest, no man in his right mind will go out with an ugly chic intentionally! In fact it happens only on two occasions, when a guy is silly drunk underline silly, and if he is heavily drugged. Either way in the morning they realize the mistake and sneak out the door while you having a shower. By beauty here I mean physically, mentally and emotionally in that order exactly.

5. Lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets

Yes exactly that, understanding the boundaries is what  gets tricky for most females, it's like they can't distinguish the difference between the two. There is stuff that happens and stays in the office and should never be brought to the sheets and vice versa. Last thing I want no matter how kinky it sounds is the idea of my girl trying to go to the candy store while we are in a public matatu, am sure you get the picture. 

Written by Kevin Mugo 

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  1. Ooops! You forgot about support. A man feels confident when he has a wife who supports him. Nice posts. I love the first one.