Monday, April 15, 2013


            Soulmate, I started to feel really miserable when I hit the big three zero, single and you hadn't showed up. There's has been no potential partner in the picture and it hurts. Got everyone asking why I am single, and I must say it’s no easy question. They tell me 'You're a pretty cool woman' and am wondering why you are not here to cuddle with  me and make me feel special, teach me how to love and be my best friend and appreciate the beauty I possess. Am likeable and social and I take it that's why I have many friends.

            But Friday night, everyone has a date with soul-mate.  The sad truth really is, I head home and oh poor lonesome me, watch my TV and text my girlfriends - all married. I can't enjoy life's pleasures when I've put so much pressure on finding you. I am unable to set free from this 'Is he the one' mind-set, when I meet someone, and if you are among them, come on- give me a sign! Married-by-30, kids-soon-after plan hasn't worked out, but it’s not too late.

            I'd like to be a little more active in my quest to meet you, but the fear of being seen as too forward holds me back. They all think am taken. There is also the frequency of meeting younger guys and am worried. I hope you are older than I am so I can feel free to let the little girl in me out. Being single just isn't working for me despite everyone telling me that I don’t have to be in a relationship to be fulfilled. Yes, I have all these beautiful things inside of me but without you to share with I’m empty. I know you have people who care about you, but deep down you know it’s so unlike having me, because I will know better how to make you smile when everything else around you seems dreary.

         I would give anything to have my 1 dream come true. That dream is us, us being together forever, spending my entire life with you, waking up next to your face every morning. Am sending vibrations of “am happy” to the universe but the truth is I’m secretly wishing I was in a relationship. It’s that time of my life, perhaps slightly overdue, when am ready to love in a deep, intimate sexual way.

          I yearn for a wonderful relationship with you and I will not quit hoping. But please promise me, that you will come soon so this end year can be the start of something amazing for us?

I love you to the sun and back, forever.       
                                                                                                                            Written by Ricalda


  1. The Long wait is over....i hope you have found all you dreamed for in your soulmate...God mbele

  2. Yaay!! Aunt J!! I have hope too now because of this! God answers prayers