Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hot Urban Styles with African Prints:

There are different ways that you can style your look with African prints to give it the modern look. Here are a few examples to give you ideas. 

Rihanna with African Print Skirt.
For this look style your African print as a simple short skirt that allows easy movement for an active day.

Fergie wearing African Print.
Style up your jumpsuits with an African print using different patterns and then use belt to separate the top and bottom making it look like two different outfits. Shots and a top.

Eva Long Skirt Inspired African look
You can wear a more comfortable long skirt that falls right under the knees with a top that shows more skirt to give you more length in height.

Simple Fun Dress
Here's another styled urban dress with African print. This time without the blazer for a hot summer day.

Gwen Stefani Wearing African Print
Style it up with stalkings like Gwen Stefani with a short length African Print dress.

Daring Runway Look:
Style it up with a puff shoulder blazer and a matching skirt to complete the look.

Button downed dress
With additional pockets for a more comfortable look.

Wearing Bright Colours:
Style your African print dress with a blazer to complete the look and also giving it an official look.

Solange With African Print Dress.
You can also style you African print dress with folds under the hem.

Extended V neck Dress:
This shows cleavage and also gives a ravishing look. Also style up your African print dress by accentuate the curves with side flares.

Rihanna rocking an African look.
With split collars for straps, use African prints on your dress for a hot African Inspired urban style.

Beyonce African Print Shorts
You can style your African prints like the famous Beyonce shorts and play around with the print colours.

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