Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I am not interested in her. She is the one who is chasing me:- Oh I bet that you have heard this lie over and over again. A man claiming that it is the woman who is forcing herself on him. He keeps saying he is not interested, and yet still sleeps with her. Complex, but happens more often than you would ever imagine.

I was not holding/kissing her. She was the one holding/kissing me:- You find your boyfriend holding another woman. You are sure your eyes are functioning at one hundred percent rate. You know what you saw. Yet he still goes ahead and tells you this. You are blinded by infatuation. You know he is cheating on you from under your nose, but this one time you agree to let it be.

I can see my children in your eyes:- No he cannot see his children in your eyes. This lie is told so that you fall into the trap of “Oh he wants to marry me.” Truth is, when the milk has been spilt and you have jumped the broom prematurely he will turn on you and say he is not ready for responsibility.

I do not mind you attaining your PHD  I do not care if you earn more than me:- Believe me you, I have discovered that it is a man's world out there. Male chauvinism is real. Men pretend that they do not mind you earning more... Men pretend that they are proud of your continuous study and achievements. It is very few, very scarce, who would genuinely love you regardless of your title.

Having sex will make us become closer: - The age old lie that is told to the naïve. That breaks hearts of the freshers. When a woman has sex with a man, she develops a certain strong bond and yearning for that man. However, this is not true for men. They often develop the flight instinct, and all they would rather do is flee as far as they can, away from you to the next victim. No, sex does not make you become closer, it does not strengthen any bond that was not already there.. Instead it spoils friendships forever.

Written by Maureen

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