Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What Do Your Spinkly Fashion Colors Say About You?

Purple goes well with a darker skin toned complexion. It matches and compliments you well. Personally I love purple and it is one of my favorite colors and I’ve noted every time I wear purple the compliments are more than on the regular. Plus I’ve even be told it compliments my skin, makes it pop! It is associated with royalty, so I would say the color on its own already demands respect. The color is usually related to people with authority; people that wear this color a lot are associated with leadership, stewardship and are usually successful! 

I would love to believe that most ladies love pink, okay most girly girls to be exact. It is also one of my favorite colors. However, in relation to fashion I don’t wear it as much. If I was to choose a pink that matches well with my skin tone it would be hot pink, which is definitely a better pink. I also love men who wear pink; I find it bold and daring! Especially hot pink! Definitely brings out the sexy, I mean really? What’s the pink without the hot? Right! So don’t let people tell you that it is a feminine color, men rock out the sexy hot pinks, we love it, I love it! I’m sure there are a couple of girls out there that love it too!

Red is the color of love. Very straight forward, we’ve all heard that somewhere since it’s worn on Valentine’s Day, it signifies ‘taken.’ Another association red has is danger, it’s a bold color for me to females as I had stated how pink is to men. I love a man in red, I always feel drawn to them. Red to me is the color of attraction; cupid must have had something to do with it. It’s like the bad boy mentality that girls are usually drawn to.

Blue is a safe color. People who love blue are people who love being safe. They like to keep calm and take it easy. As the color suggests, I would love to say a bigger percentage of people who favor the color blue are the type of people that usually avoid drama. Just like the sky, blue is always around you when you to a clear blue sky. It brings that peaceful nature of coolness. 

Yellow is a bright color, reminds me of the sun. So I usually say if you wear yellow, you might as well be competing with the sun. I say if you like yellow and usually wear yellow, you probably like attention. Just like the sun, there’s no way you can’t spot the sun. You might as well be shouting, “hey everybody, look at me!” If you like attention and enjoy it, this is definitely the color for you! It will do just that. 

Orange is also a bright color and another attention seeking color. I usually say yellow and orange are good colors to wear during the summer. They fit in well with the weather and they scream fun and playful! I would totally associate Orange and yellow lovers as people who love to start drama since they are attention seekers or the type of people that drama just happens to follow them closely.

Green and brown:
Wear green and brown and you blend in right with nature. You are probably a nature lover if you like any of these two colors. Both colors are colors of blend. I call them neutral colors. These are the people that just fit in wherever they go, the people that are ok with blending in with society. They don’t like attention and they are the oks (If I’m aloud to say that). They are usually cool with everything! They will go with the flow without question. Green which I associate with grass and brown with the earth defines why I say that these colors show prosperity.

Black, white and Grey:
These are my in-between colors. I call them ‘in-betweens’ because they are the colors I always want to mix with something else. If these are the only colors you have in your closet you are probably indecisive. If not indecisive then you probably just ok with normal, or allow me to say boring, no offence here. White is associated with being nice, weddings, black with funerals and death and grey is literally in-between both. I wouldn’t say they are colors that stand out on their own. They are all helper colors.

That’s my spinkly fashion color meanings! Now go wear them!

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