Thursday, April 18, 2013


Just the other day, I was having a light conversation with a dear friend of mine. She mentioned that the reason why she doesn't have a partner yet is that she keeps getting the wrong guys- they were either too crazy, too drunk, too young, too short, too needy or something just wasn't right. It seemed like a cycle and nothing magical came out of the little short-lived relationships she had with these guys. The big elephant in the room was this: How come we (including my friend) keep coming across almost the same type of people in our quest to find a suitable partner? I firmly believe that we attract these people into our experience. Yes, the guy or girl you are with, you attracted them into your life.

See, the concept of The Law Of Attraction is often very controversial and sometimes very abstract for most people. But, in simple terms this law works this way: like attracts like. Simple. I know, I know, we have always thought polar opposites attract. Nevertheless, according to the law of nature, things, people, and thoughts tend to attract similar things, people and thoughts. That is why some people hang out with each other and are comfortable around each other- their thinking (thoughts) and their emotions, interests and preferences are agreeable and are more or less similar to each other’s.

However, attraction happens on a deeper level, beyond your rational mind. Attraction is subconscious. What you attract or bring to yourself is as a result of all the cumulative experiences and reinforced thoughts and beliefs you have come to live by all your life. Now let us apply this concept to a relationship between a guy and a girl. Every guy or girl whom you come across, you have brought to yourself through your thoughts. They might not be the kind of partner you are looking to be with, but in truth, your subconscious thoughts have been thinking about this same exact person that you utterly do not want to be with. When you start to date a drunk, you really did attract a drunk with your thoughts. When you attract a needy girl, you really brought this type of person in your life. It is not that you want this type of partner; it’s just that you are focusing more on the type of partner you do not want and focusing your thoughts less on  the  kind of girl or guy you want.

I know, it may all seem very complex but at the heart of it all is the truth that we can change the type of partners we attract into our lives. It may not be easy because over the years we have been conditioned to think more about what we do not want to happen. We often lose focus of the ideal situation or the ideal partner that we want. How about you start to pay more attention to thinking about the wonderful qualities of the girl or guy that you want and see if you will not bring just that person into your life.

Written by Donna Moses

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