Thursday, April 18, 2013


Am afraid men need to be careful not to cross these imaginary lines they seem to think exist. One might cost them KShs.50,000 for an elegant dinner but the other might cost them years in prison for trying to get what they 'want' by sheer force. So he thinks you meant 'yes' when you said 'no'. What part of 'No' is so difficult to understand? A guy thinks that just because he bought you dinner or drinks or whatever at the Inter Continental that you are supposed to fall all over him and instantly jump into bed with him. Seriously?

We don't want to be rushed. If we say no, really they should respect that. There's nothing wrong with them making sure we are serious, i.e try to touch us once more and see how we respond but for crying out loud, why do they second guess? Any man reading this, please, talk to us while you're making your move. That'll typically loosen us up and make us more willing to get with you – If we want to.

I'm sure at one time or another, we all meet Mr. Great Persuasiveness and Sexual language prowess, Smooth and Sharp,  who will sweep our hesitations away with their manliness,  that we won't possibly resist, but believe you me, it’s an effort he has personally put in to see how weak or strong you are in having your wishes respected. He doesn't know if you will say yes. No he doesn't. He gets the cues from you.

Dolls, please don't let him second guess your voice and actions or body language. Get treated with dignity. You are a precious gem, act it. Go out have fun, get drunk on the very drinks they call 'Panty Removers' but refuse to get physical. It wasn't about sex, was it? This might irritate him a little considering he was 'undressing' you with his eyes back at the bar, barely waiting to get to bed with drunk you. But you have no idea by how many degrees his respect for you will shoot up when you say No. Let him ask to date you, make you feel special, suggest fun games together and treat you like a person, a super girl, not a woman he can hopefully get something from. Then you might reconsider.

We might as well make this phrase our little anthem; “Just don't rush me! Good things come to those who wait”  :-)

Written by Ricalda

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