Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This must be the feminist in me speaking. This must be the woman in me, crying out loud in defence of my oppressed sisters. The truth about sex is that it is highly overrated. In real life it is never sweet honey and multiple orgasmic sensations as narrated in Mills and Boons. The truth when it comes to sex is that most times women are given such raw deals. Most times their peaks are so close yet so far. Most times there are things beneath the heavens that taste far much sweeter than sex. It is only the real women of this world, the strong and kitkat hot, the independent, the so damn gorgeous and confident, that are never afraid to let go of the misconception that sex cures all diseases, that you cannot enjoy your life without sex. Here below are eight things that at least to me, taste sweeter than sex.

Kissing. Raw, passionate kisses. The ones that make a girl's eyelids droop and moisten. The ones that leave a man wanting more. For us girls, I know that kisses always taste sweeter than sex. We are unlike men who believe that kissing has to be a prelude to sex.

A hot bath with strawberry or fern bath oils. The best after a long tiring day. Beats the
humping and sweating of another body atop you any single day. You feel your muscles
relax. You feel clean, and perfect, almost magical.

Sexting. I am guessing this is the poet in me crying out to be admired and loved with words. I am not talking about dirty sexting. There is something in the raw emotion of words. Most often we are too shy to utter some things, to express how exactly we feel. There is a lot of beauty in the passionate love letter tucked into the pocket of a loved one just as they leave to go for work. Almost like a careless whisper of those beautiful things that we are afraid to utter lest they be swept up in the whirlwind of everyday living.

Shampooed, well treated hair. There is a reason at times a hairdresser ends up being a girl's best friend. The sensation you get when your hair has just been washed and conditioned tastes far much better than sex. When the aroma is so sweet and you are just about ready to take on the world and show them how much diva lives in you.

The grace and joy of the Lord. Trust me, you will never be as peaceful as when you know your Heavenly Father moves silently beside you. When your soul is reconciled and you do not care what tomorrow holds for you can feel Him touching your every bone, watching your every move. When you look around and all you find is every perfect little thing that He created. That joy, that so sufficient grace, will always beat any worldly desire.

Fashion high. There are those moments in life when you feel like a princess. When everything is just perfect. When you are on such a fashion high and you cannot be brought down no matter what. There are some shoes that are so damn orgasmic. Picture peep toe high heeled shoes. The smoothness of silky dress. Take in the smell of vanilla essence perfume. When everything you have put on is just right. When heads turn and women turn green eyed. There are some clothes that really just do taste sweeter on our bodies than any man could ever make us feel. Like a million bucks.

A night out with the girls. I am a feminist. I love my girls. Nothing beats the feeling of just being with the girls, doing something fun. Things like a karaoke night, or a day at the spa, or a night out on the dance floor. The feeling is always so invigorating, so empowering, so damn insatiable.

Success. Sometimes the things we crave in this life make us sweat real hard, make us work so hard. It is always nice to finally taste the spoils of our hard earned labor. When you have achieved everything and no height is greater. When we have managed to climb all the way to the peak, and look down to see from how far we have come. Hard earned success tastes way sweeter than sex, trust me. It envelops us. Makes us feel invaluable.

Written by Maureen Songa

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  1. Nothing takes you to cloud nine faster and better than SUCCESS- the Grace and JOY of The LORD is the best form of success. The JOY is like the climax, eclectic orgasm of success. Better than SEX, better than anything the world has to offer!