Thursday, April 18, 2013


Here’s something I have a problem with:

I was in class and I was one of the only female representatives among many men arguing my case… But here is what I said,

“Women have to work three times harder in a male dominant industry.”

That statement alone started an argument.

My teacher then got to saying that he worked so hard in his previous job for a long time and he stayed in the same position while the women that he came in with had all been promoted and are now his bosses. Apparently he says he has better records than they did, even did better than they did in school. Then he went on and said how women are favored a lot. In some cases I can’t argue with that or say how false or true that is, but here is when the problem began:

Some random male student says that successful women are sleeping with their bosses or had to do something on that sense to get where they are today. Pause.

Another male student supports him and says that every time you see a woman driving a big car, or an expensive vehicle it’s obvious where or how she got it. That she must have been bought for the car by some male friend.

That statement and that kind of thinking is what got me fired up!

So is that what all men think? That women that are successful or well off in the society had to sleep around with their bosses to get their position?

There are women like me and a couple, actually most or all the women I know work twice as hard as the men to get to where they are today. I imagine it’s hard for a pretty woman to earn respect from her boss to get somewhere further or without having to deal with the boss hitting on her, asking her to sleep with her or demanding something back for exchange. I’m guessing it is because of that stereotype way of thinking.

I once heard, ok not once but I’ve heard it a lot that some chic says she’s turned down a job offer or quit her job because the person hiring her was asking for sex. I’m shocked that these things still happen to be honest.

I don’t see or hear of cases where a successful woman goes around asking men to sleep around with her to offer them a position or promotion either.

It’s sad when a woman goes to the extreme of actually doing it because of desperation. Leave alone that, why should any man take advantage of any woman that way?

All in all, my argument is, I can’t stand this stereotypical way of thinking that women that have made it and are successful had to sleep with someone to get there. Stop it! It’s not true. Give us credit that we deserve, not all women are the same. All in all, hard work pays.

Written by Sylvia Oloo

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