Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Man’s Thinking:

Love is patient; love is kind, love keeps no records of wrongs... hold on, that is not what Basketball House wives preaches. Welcome to 2012, where men have evolved and changed the scope of dating tactics. I pity the fools who sit there and watch the table being turned on them. Relationships are complicated and I'm very sure there is someone reading this article and wishing for his/hers to end. What are you doing wrong? Hitting it right, remembering the lie, listening to her, picking her call after three missed trials. Let me take you into a man's head layout why we result to cheating.

Men are "dogs" and all "dogs" can be tamed. It's how you treat a man that will make him crawl back for more. Personally, I love ladies but I don't hang around most of them. Why? I get turned off immediately she starts using the 'buy me this, buy me that' phrase on day one. Getting pampered is ok, but some minds just revolve around that. You meet her on the first day and as you are escorting her she stops at an LV window puppy eyeing you to get her one. Even if I do, you will be in the 'friends with benefit' list no matter how serious we get in future.

Lilly was a nice girl, she would check up on me if I got home, call randomly to say hi and send those cute aaaaaaaw texts. No Homo. I am a very detail dude, a slight off on tweeze will be spotted two meters away, but that's not it. She was so religious I always felt out of place. I remember when she saw my tattoo and she gave me a lecture on how I brought a curse to the relationship. I don't mess around when it comes to prayer but must you freak out somebody by pointing out their imperfections? Men are simple beings. That is why it's easier for us to cope with a problem, we don't over think it. 

Tell a man he has sauce on his shirt, he will get a wet napkin and try wipe it off and if it doesn't budge, f*** it. Point out the same to a lady, you will end up taking her home to change. It's never that serious, we like a lady who feels confident with herself, its sexy yo! I mean you will doubt yourself till the rapture? Huh, ati no that's the ODM campaign bus when Gideon's Trumpet sounds.

There are five types of men you will meet: (1) The nice guy, (2) the dick you know, (3) the dick you don't know, (4) the nice guy you don't know and (5) the dick you don't care to know. They all have one weakness, the P. Yes you will see us calling that lady we don't like a hoe but be the first to plug in our shit when we get an invitation, honesty speaking never put all the blame on a man when he cheats, we are that weak, it is what it is.

Be smart, if you want to be giving it to him you better plan on not stopping. If you haven't because you are waiting for your wedding keep it that way, morals will push him on whether or not he will cheat. If you don't keep him on toes, don't raise alarm when he starts walking into the house later than before. We are human beings and we forget. That is why we need to be reminded that there is something good waiting for us somewhere else. This is real talk, the thought of cheating has crossed every man's mind not once but severally. For an average dude, the thought of sex will pop up in their mind at least once each hour, put my point a leash on him.

These were just my opinions but I strongly believe in them, take it or leave it, cheers. 

Written by Dan Obura

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