Thursday, April 11, 2013


The perfect outfit would be nothing without accessories. Yes that dress may be gorgeous, that skirt may fit you in all the right places, but without the perfect belt, or necklace or earrings, you will not achieve the desired effect.

Accessories compliment outfits, and make them stand out. Each item serves its purpose. There are various types of accessories such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hats, belts, bags, hair clips, anklets, the list is endless. All these items are readily available in many cosmetic stores, curio shops, stalls and markets.

 Bracelets draw attention to your hands and are suitable for short sleeved and sleeveless tops. Bangles, cuff bracelets, charmed bracelets are just a few examples of adornments for your hands. Bangles look especially nice when they are layered.


Rings not only indicate your marital status, but they also bring out your fingers, especially if they are well manicured. Big cocktail rings are currently in fashion right now, it is advisable not to overdo it by wearing multiple cocktail rings. Wear one ring for that simple classic look.

Necklaces draw attention to your upper body area. Chokers and short necklaces do a great job of elongating your neck.  Necklaces with pendants draw attention to your chest. Long chains complement the outfit.  Layering necklaces is also a very good look.  Jewellery sets give out a nice polished look.

Times are changing and new trends keep springing up. Necklace earrings are earrings which are connected together to serve as both earrings and a necklace.  If you dare to wear them, keep away from children who may decide to tug at them when you least expect it.

 Earrings draw attention to your neck and your face.  There are various types of earrings, from long drooping ones, chandelier earrings, studs, simple beaded ones. Personally, I feel very naked without earrings and I always have to have a pair on.


Your hair is also an important part of your body and needs to be adorned too.  I noticed that finding unique hair accessories in Nairobi is very difficult. They are either too expensive or too commercial in the sense that every other girl was rocking them.  This was what inspired me to make hair accessories.


Alice bands serve the same purpose as headbands, and look just as good.


Hairclips and hair combs are great accessories for styling the hair. Combs are more suitable for open hair.


Bow ties are back in fashion and can be worn with not only shirts, but round necked tops, strapless tops or dresses.


If bow ties are too main stream for you, you can also try bow chains. These are more flexible and can be worn with practically any outfit.

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Written by Vivienne Nkiro 

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