Monday, April 15, 2013


Being an expectant hot, young woman can be scary. There is just too much going on. Your body keeps enlarging into this human elephant, huge stretch marks spread across several parts of your body. There is a jungle of emotions flying through your core. You may not even know who to call, who to share with, where to go for that peace and quiet. Through all this you need something or somebody to hold onto. You need something that takes you to that high place where nothing can bring you down. You need several tips to enable you keep your emotions in check.

There is power in silence. Pregnancy is a private period, sacred even. Nobody forces you to announce to the world that you are going through the mystery of creation. Believe me, it is better to keep that news to yourself until such a time that you are ready to reveal it to family and friends. Do not feel like you have to. In the end family and friends only add anxiety to your already overflowing plate of emotions.

Dress that belly. So you have gained a few pounds? Big deal! So your tummy keeps getting bigger and your jeans are beginning to feel a little awkward, that does not mean you have to be stuck up in the maternity wears of our fore-fathers. Dress up that baby bump and make it add to your allure. Let the men stop, stare and wish. Embrace your new size. Get gorgeous dresses and dress tops. Keep your hair neat.

Find a male friend you can trust. Find someone who raises your confidence preferably someone who is not the father of your baby. The truth is that there are too many emotions involved that very few fathers to be are able to handle. That is why you need a best friend who can just be there, even if just over the phone.

If you are blessed with a mother, this is the time you should get closer to her. Embrace her. Let her impact you with her own experiences. God knows she went through it herself, and what better way to share your own experience than with the one who once held you in her womb.

Eat well. There is nothing like eating for two during pregnancy. All you have to do is eat healthy, no matter how frequent. Include a lot of fruits in your diet, because in the very end you might be left struggling to get rid of the extra love handle. That really just proves more difficult if you had fried chicken and unhealthy chips all throughout your pregnancy. Once in a while, indulge in something you really love, something not so healthy.

Find something to keep you company during the long lonely uncomfortable nights of tossing and turning. Write a book, read a novel, sing loudly to some music. Just live and love and have fun. When emotions overwhelm you and you feel like crying, do not keep the tears in, just find a quiet place and let them flow. Only God knows the battle that your hormones might be having on you.

Do not mind the stares and glares of society. Sometimes people will look at you as if they are judging you, as if they know only too well what you did during summer. Most will even attempt to calculate the exact date that you might have conceived your baby. Walk with your head held high. Society can judge all they want. People can whisper and gloat all they want but the truth is in your belly lies a really precious being that not even you can comprehend. So keep your shoulders straight, eyes on the goal, maybe even a smirk on your face for those jealous people. For who knows, the tiny being in you might one day rule the world.

Search for baby names in advance. Choose something that really touches your heart. Know its meaning. Feel the beat. Go for something that you can definitely define the baby you feel inside you. Make it cute. Play with it. Learn how to pronounce it with pride. There is nothing as bad as scrambling with a name that you might end up not feeling, or even ashamed of.

So, my dear ladies, enjoy your 40 mysterious weeks. Make them count. Let them be the hottest sexiest weeks of your life.

Written by Maureen Songa

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