Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hey! Are you having a dry spell when it comes to the fellas or are guys just completely a mystery to you? Well here are five tips about guys that will come in handy when you are eyeing that gorgeous male model at the beach or anywhere the heat happens to be…. club, restaurant you name it!  

·    Find yourself. Before you can get a guy and keep a guy you need to know yourself and that will give you a lot of confidence, and you get confidence from most things that you don’t regard as much. Simple things such as dancing, your job and your family can give you that much needed boost in your confidence. You should love yourself first which is the most important thing for you, finding your man comes second to this. Filling your life with things that you enjoy will make you happy. Guys like girls who are comfortable with themselves. Know your limits. A guy will try to seduce you if he is interested. Respect yourself and know your standards. If you want him to commit to you before you have sex with him, let him know, you are in control! If he does not respect your wishes then move on to the next gentle man.     

·    Don't play hard to get. Now, I don't mean get into bed with him as soon as you meet him but use the deeper meaning of the "playing hard to get". Most girls think that if they are rude or pretend not to be interested in the guy they like, then the guy will pursue them. That may work in the movies in reality however; more often this tells guys that you are not interested in them. So they will either continue with what they were doing or move on to someone else. Secondly, girls think being mysterious makes them more appealing. That may work to prolong the guy’s interest but if it is a facade then the guy may figure it out or get bored before he knows how interesting you really are. Be yourself. If he doesn't like you for you do you really want him? Some girls like to use tricks like saying ‘no’ to a guy when he asks to spend time with her saying she has things to do when really she’s just sitting at home so that she seems like she has a life! Girl, if you’re free meet up with him and have fun! Then you can really get to know each other. If you’re legit and you have somewhere to be then that is fine. You come first so any activity especially when you just met the guy is more of a priority. Also, don't keep him waiting when you get a text, just answer it. Do you like it when you are waiting for a text? Yeah, he is human.

·    When you are with a guy that you are interested in show him that you are interested with subtle hints. If you want the guy to come over and talk to you then make eye contact, smile at him and wave. That will signal that it is okay for him to come over to you. You may even need to approach him. When approaching him, a casual approach such as asking for the time then working that into a conversation may be an easy way to get the conversation going and is subtle enough. Go for it! Make him laugh and use chat up lines if that works for you. Contrary to common belief, everyone likes to be pursued but it is more common for the guys to pursue because they stay interested for longer… "Trying to catch their prey." So when you approach a guy you do it subtly then if it still seems like they are interested then they need to pursue you.

·    A guy’s brain is slightly different from a girl’s. Our brains are more connected whereas guys brains are more categorized. A woman is more like an internet explorer or firefox with tabs…. you can search more than one site at a time. A guy can only be on one site at a time. Think about one category at a time. Sex and emotions are in two different categories for guys so that is why it is wise to delay sex so that the guy analyzes his feelings for you. This also impacts his speech when watching sports or any type of multi-tasking so give him a break if need be. Let him watch his sports and talk to him when he is free. It is normal, just like when you are in the middle of your best movie or an episode of Desperate House wives would you want the lights to go off?

·    Finally, a guy likes to know when he is needed. Sure it is modern times but let him get your door, pay the bill and anything else that he feels is of gentleman behavior. Encourage it! After all, don't you want to be with a gentleman? Don't be mad however when he doesn't pay the bill, maybe he can't, everyone gets broke sometimes but don't emasculate him. Play the friend status at that point in time and split the bill or pay. A relationship is complicated and you are more than just a romantic partner.

Thank you for reading this and I hope this helps you understand guys. I just know your Mr. Right is right around the corner.              

Written by Ciru Ivy

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