Friday, April 26, 2013

Clothing Color Tips:

How to properly wear bright, bold colors 

First and foremost, your confidence is what allows you to wear the clothing you most prefer. If you’re afraid to move out the same boring shades, you can take a chance with these tips. Tips on properly wearing bright and bold colors include taking a chance, pairing it with a complementary piece, and take care not to go overboard on the color matching.

Be daring. Do not wear black every day.  Often it becomes a source of comfort, as it is known to be slimming. It is also known to drown out your natural colors. Black is okay, try enhancing it with a bold or bright color. Pink, red, orange, blue, purple, green, or yellow, it’s up to you to decide what you feel most comfortable in. Wearing bright colors in self-assurance will help to keep your look sharp. Wear colors you like and be happy how you look in them. Grab that inordinate shade, if it catches your eye. Look for unique patterns without going overboard. Variation is important which is why accessories can make or break an outfit.

Search for accessories to match bold and bright colored outfits. For example, when wearing a bold patterned dress, simple shoes in a solid color balance it. It doesn’t over do it. Overdoing your look occurs if your entire wardrobe looks like it could all just be one large outfit. Each piece of your ensemble should speak for itself and not be confused with the other parts. Take a black and white dress and pair it with a bright bold solid pink cardigan. Let this introduce you to wearing bright colors and build your confidence, again, the key to wearing such shades.

Take care not to wear a bright orange dress, with a bright orange cardigan, with matching orange shoes and a handbag. This will look over done. Style should seem comfortable, not forced. As exciting as it may be to find each piece of your ensemble in the same shade, don’t fall for it. Grab your favorite pieces and enhance them with either complementary shades or with neutrals or basics.

Remember that if you choose two bright colors such as orange and yellow, one of the colors should be less bold. The colors need a slight contrast and do not wear two primary colors in very bright shades. This may blind onlookers. Tips to remember when selecting bold bright colors to wear are match colors sensibly, pair with complementary accessories, and take a chance in colors that strike you.

How to work the color block trend – rules and tips

  • To nail this fashion trend perfectly, invest in garment pieces that are complimentary to your natural colors, e.g.: hair color, skin tone and eye color.

  • Get the color combinations right – acceptable combinations are as follows: White with any block bold color, Black with any block bold color and any of the contrasting colors from the following palette – Red, Pink, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Coral, Turquoise and Lime.

·         For a less intense approach go for an item of clothing in bold bright stripes.

·         Pair colored jeans with a plain sweatshirt or t-shirt.

·         Add a pop of color to blue; black or white jeans by adding a bright colored silk top or blouse.

·         Opt for a bright colored skirt or trouser suit with a plain white or black t-shirt.

·         Accessories are a great way of adopting this look more subtly so go for bright colored bags and shoes or accessories which have a color block pattern or concept.

·         Switch your normal LBD for a LCD (little colored dress) in a bold statement color from the palette above.

·         Full length flowing skirts are another spring must have, so pair one in a bright color with a plain white t-shirt.

·         Pale colors and pastel tones are good but will look too washed out on most people regardless of how much they may clash. This look is about not being afraid to make a statement with your use of color and clothes so embrace it.

·         Don’t be afraid if you think some of the colors will clash or not work together – the whole point of this look is to be bold and beautiful!

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