Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Sounds crazy or not like you? Being a mistress is probably something that has never occurred to most of us girls, more so when you believe you are a good, faithful girl. However, the truth is, being a mistress for your man has nothing to do with your goodness or faithfulness. It has everything to do with making his fantasies come true, while at the same time having a little fun for yourself. After all, the sexual element of a relationship does not have to be all serious and military.

So what do you think mistresses look like or do that attracts guys to them? Most guys who go for a mistress are not there necessarily for the physical beauty of this other woman but rather for what she does. First, she is free thinking when it comes to things like foreplay and the sexual act itself- she is willing to try something out of the usual.

So to get started, play dress up. Come out of the norm and dress up in something you or the guy would never think possible. Put on some tight laces, a showy dress, a stunning nurse outfit, anything that will flutter your figure and show off your best assets. Alternatively, you can don sexy lingerie beneath a sleeping robe if you want to have a nightly session. What’s his favorite color? White? Red? Black? Pick a piece that shows off your curves to leave the man mesmerized when he takes off your sleeping robe. Do not forget the high heels.

Do a strip tease. When done well, this is one of the best ‘fantasy-come true’ for a good number of guys. You do not have to be a pro stripper to do this. Just sit the guy down and give him a customized show of your own. You can start by peeling off different pieces of your clothes slowly but not allowing him to come close and touch. Do this gracefully and with some sexual appeal. Be sure to connect with his now lustful eyes. Do a subtle slow dance by swaying your waist and hips a little to get him excited.

Depending on the mood both of you are in, you can give him instructions on what to do or he can tell you what to do. Now this is the part where you get really creative; because you are acting as a mistress, you need to be less softer than you usually are.  Tell him you are his mistress that day and ask him what he wants you to do and then do it. Depending on your guy’s fantasies, he may command you to touch yourself, or walk for him or even talk dirty to him. You may also ask him to touch you in a specific way or direct him where to kiss you. Both of you will love giving instructions and having your wishes come true.

Dirty talking is great as part of your mistress tease. Of course, the extent of this will entirely depend on how comfortable both of you are with dirty talk. But overall, you can do it during foreplay, just before and during the sexual act. Dirty talking entails telling each other what you will do to the other person in terms of pleasuring them. You can also tell your man how badly you want him or how you will pleasure him until… Get creative and say something that will get the guy’s mind racing with anticipation.

If you do get to having sex, don’t forget that you are a mistress. Don’t relapse into same old missionary style. Try out something that you haven’t done before. That crazy style your man has been begging you to try, give it to him and you will be as satisfied as he will be at the end of it all. 
Written by Donna Moses

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