Monday, April 15, 2013

My Spinkly Nail Art Secrets

For all those curious to know how I get my nails all spruced up, I decided I’ll share some secrets of mine. The first thing that everyone asks me is whether I buy fake nails or whether they are real. The truth is, it’s all real and all mine. So there’s no telling for sure how my nails really grow that long. Although if I was to give any advice on that I’d say eat healthy. What you eat reflects back on your nails. I also avoid a lot of hand washing activities like dishes and clothes because this tends to break my nails a lot. Dish washers and washing machines should be your friends.  Taking a shower is no problem, so please don’t start skiving. If your nails don’t grow long that’s still not a problem, there are a lot of designs for short nails as well.

What you will need:

The first thing you need to get when you’re doing nail art is a design brush. If you don’t have a thin brush for nail art (like me) then buy the nail polish that already comes with a thin brush.

Here are some of the ones I use:

If not the thin brush, there’s the nail polish with the pointed end and it’s like writing with a pen nib.

  Here are the ones I use, usually find them at Super Comsetics:

Always put white under neon colors to give it a brighter and a more defined look.

Neon colors:


How it looks with a white base coat:

To give the nail art a sparkling look, you can use the glitter nail polish on top of your nail art designs.

These are the glitter nail polishes that I use as the top coat:

Here is a nail art design I came up with that you can try. It’s a fire flame inspired design;

I normally come up with the designs I put on my nails. If I don’t have any nailart ideas I seek inspiration elsewhere:

You can either copy it exactly or make a few changes like I did to make it easier to give this final look:

When in a hurry, I go with cracking nail polish also known as shutter nail polish. I usually like mixing the colors to make it more fun. Cracking nail polish can be found at Super Cosmetic if you want to keep it simple with the nail art.

With cracking nail polish it is advisable to first use a base color. Then let it dry and apply the cracking nail polish on top. The final look will depend on the colors you decide to use. 


This is what the cracking nail polish looks like, my favorite brand is:

I still haven’t been able to do a water marble nail art on my own. My sister is the expert on this and she does it for me. Here is how to do it: 

Some of the nail art water marble that my sister has done for me:


I also like buying nail accessories and mixing it up with polish. Mostly I use stickers:

Here’s some of the nail art I’ve done using stickers:

Please LIKE my nail art page I created with my sister Beryl to see a lot of my nail art designs that we’ve done.  I try to do a different nail art every week, so you can check them out.

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