Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easy Makeup Tips for Women of Color:

1). Face:
  • Avoid makeup that is too light, as it can make skin look chalky.
  • Yellow based foundations work best for women with darker skin.
  • The goal is to see the makeup blend in after applying it on your skin, with no visible boundary between. Test foundation colors in natural light - if you have trouble finding the right color, try mixing two shades (one darker than your natural color and one lighter).
  • When searching for blush or bronzer, brown and copper complement African skin tones. Blush shades reds, pinks, or burgundy make up can be applied too.
  • A touch of shimmer will highlight cheekbones nicely.
  • If you have a wide nose, slimming can be accomplished by shading both sides with a darker tone make up.
  • If you have thick eyebrows, you can easily narrow them simply by brushing "just enough" shading along the upper and lower edges to trim the up neatly.

2). Lips:

  • There are great shades of lip make up for African American women: dark plums, mocha, chocolates, burgundies and deep berry shades. Soft pinks are pretty too. Generally earth tones, neutrals instantly add glam to lips.
  •  For a more natural look, dab on some lip-gloss. Choose a lip liner that is close to the shade of your lip-gloss or lipstick to avoid a dark outline.
N/B: It is recommended for colored women to avoid orange shades of lip gloss make up. For most black women yellow undertones clash on dark skin and give a washed out looking appearance.

3). Eyes:
  • Shimmery and metallic eye shadows can look amazing against colored skin.
  • You can also accentuate the eyes using dark brown, copper, beiges, prunes and burgundies make up. 
  • Mixing two complimentary colors like gold and purple can boost the drama factor.
  • The darker your skin, the brighter the colors you can pull off.
  • Accentuate eyes with brown or black eyeliner.
  • Black mascara will make eyelashes stand out.
  • Using a light brushing of loose, translucent make up powder over the top eyelid will illuminate your eyes for evening glamour. For extra pizzazz, try false eyelashes.
N/B: However, light powdery colors and iridescent colors that cover the whole eyelid should be avoided.

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